laurieMorgan.jpgBack to Business: 5 Strategies to Build On

As we all prepare to reopen or return to more familiar schedules, business priorities require careful handling. Several months of limited—or even no—volume have strained many practices’ finances, especially when government assistance was unavailable.

As our local economies continue to recover, practices may be billing at lower volumes as patients adjust to visiting medical offices again. Reduced business adds uncertainty, making thoughtful revenue cycle management (RCM) and business decision-making more valuable than ever.

Join practice management consultant Laurie Morgan of Capko & Morgan for a 1-hour webinar as she offers 5 ways healthcare professionals can position themselves for profitability and sustainability as their businesses re-open. You’ll learn:

  1. Why managing details is more important than ever
  2. How best practices in RCM can protect your profitability
  3. Which technologies can elevate efficiency and patient service
  4. Why mastering communication is critical
  5. How learning from experience may improve profitability going forward

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